Wednesday 2 July 2008

Gardening Leave

These white foxgloves are self seeded underneath a red crab apple tree, sometimes the garden manages fine on its own, but its certainly going to be getting some attention from now on.
I gave a months notice at work yesterday because I had decided there was nothing to keep me there until I reach retirement age on 01 November. When my boss asked for feedback I told her how it was and I could see that this wasn't well received. I admit I speak quite bluntly, for me there is no other way, I don't do subtle. This morning I was called upstairs again and told that I was to go on 'gardening leave' (such a stupid expression especially if you don't have a garden) until the end of the month and that I could finish either today or tomorrow. No contest, I left at lunch time today, slipped out whilst everyone else was in meetings etc, there had been enough tears these last two days and I don't do big goodbyes. I had already said I didn't want a fuss when I finished work but neither did I expect to be kicked out of the door. I should add that the company I work for is a practice of occupational and clinical psychologists and whilst I have had a lot of support and care from the clinical people, I had nothing from the occupational side for which I worked. I had been in my job for 9 years part time and prior to that about 5 full time, in the words of Ann Robinson, I left with nothing. I shall miss the girls in my team so much and have been deeply touched by their reaction to my departure, but I relish the adjustment to being at home every day, concentrating on the things I love, my garden, home and crafts.
I just had a phone call from an ex-colleague, my the news spreads quickly, offering love and support. She said she phoned the office to speak to me and was told that I had retired. I retire on 01 November when my pension begins, the truth is that I have left my employment, simple as that, but then psychologists never like straightforward.

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading about all the lovely things you'll get up to (and create). xx