Tuesday 22 July 2008

How many posts?

Thats right, this is post 100 and I'm delighted to illustrate my achievement with this lovely yarn that Amy brought me back from her trip to Devon. The large balls are Adriafil Knitcol, a pure merino dk made in Italy, the colour is Picasso Phantasy and I can't wait to get cast on. The little 10g ball of Opal is so sweet, I feel I should attach it to a brooch bar and wear it with pride. Its almost a year since I started this blog, if I was obsessive compulsive about it I might wait and produce my 100th posting on the exact date I began, but I'm more relaxed than that. I am delighted that I've managed to average a couple of posts a week, found things to say and enjoyed myself.
I've currently knitted these spiral eyelet socks in a 4ply wool I found in a charity shop. I've been busy with them this afternoon whilst watching a nail bitting stage of Le Tour, spills and thrills that eventually had me put down the needles to concentrate. Its a big day for the boys tomorrow, three huge climbs culminating at the top of L'Alpe-d'Huez, the classic stage where everyone crowds across the road to cheer the riders up the steepest gradient. I've never seen Le Tour in the flesh but Mr FF and I have watched a couple of stages of the Giro d'Italia, once many years ago while on holiday in Austria and again last year when we travelled from our Lazio house to the Maiella national park. Its a long wait leaning over the barriers but worth it to be at the front when the riders arrive at the finish line and to build up the excitement the sponsors come along and give out lots of goodies, flags, key rings, hats, drinks bottles and the like. The coverage on Euro Sport is fantastic with excellent camera work that conveys not just the excitement of the race but the beautiful scenery and the enthusiasm of the supporters. The whole event is a huge circus travelling through France, and this year briefly into Italy, I love it and I so admire those guys though at present I have no real idea who will win, tomorrow could decide that.

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