Sunday 13 July 2008

Still gardening

I've made such progress in the garden this weekend, its in danger of becoming manicured, not an image I really want as I much prefer a more relaxed style. Its wonderful to have time to wander round admiring the flowers, like this wonderful allium christophii. The bulbs don't do that well in my northern garden and often disappear during a particularly wet winter, but I love them so much its worth taking a chance. I've already ordered some more for next year just in case. Yes, that is a bee on the left that was enjoying the flower too.

This poppy self seeded in a large terracotta pot of spring bulbs so I left it to flower and look how its repaid me. I'll collect the seeds and sprinkle them around later. The eryngium is another great self seeder, unfortunately in lots of unlikely places like the cracks between paving slabs It has a deep tap root that makes it difficult to get out and the flowers are a spiny garden hazard, but it is beautiful and provides a feast for the bees.
Mr FF has been out in the garden too chopping down a tree that appeared in the front border a few years ago, we let it stay and now its huge and over-shadowing a lime tree that we planted at the end of the drive. The wood can be added to our log store and the tree was useful until it got too big. It hasn't been all hard work though, we sat outside and read the papers and Pam came round with her adorable two year old grandson, who enjoyed a few strawberries and raspberries, and a walk round the policies. Its never too early to get them appreciating the pleasure of a garden.

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