Saturday 30 December 2023

Eco gifting

I am sure you have been wondering how MrFF and I managed in these difficult times to provide each other with a stocking of Christmas gifts to the value of £5.  We failed in that that we both exceeded the budget, doesn’t everything nowadays, however we gave each other acceptable, inexpensive and sustainable gifts, mostly preloved and sourced locally.  Here we go.

I received a set of 9 slate coasters which I like very much, they are displayed here with the two beautiful Alessi white china mugs I also received.

A book of glove knitting patterns

My star prizes was a seemingly unused floor mop which he sourced from our communal bins.  We feel we do a service by taking out useable items which should be given to the charity shop.  

My gifts to MrFF were  

A book on egg cookery.  He is very particular about his eggs and will often walk miles across the moor to find farms selling fresh eggs of interesting varieties, now he has even more reason to do so

A bar of wool fat soap, if you’ve never used this you should give it a go, it smells lovely

A t shirt emblazoned with a graphic of our favourite Tour de France ascent.  Now he feels he needs to ride the route, I think not.

We open our stockings before we get up on Christmas morning.  MrFF says he regrets not getting a photo of me lying in bed drinking tea whilst admiring my new mop.  Sadly I haven’t been able to use it yet as I need the bucket to squeeze the water out. So far I am still washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees but it worked out well for Cinderella so I live in hope.

Sunday 17 December 2023

My Christmas message

In the Christmas countdown I seem to have forgotten about my blog, this must be the longest time I’ve gone without posting.  In my defence I am now sorted, we will exchange family presents this week, the decorations and the sessional food shop apart from fruit, veg etc are all done, my hair is cut.  I may be a bit light on mince pies and have so far failed to purchase anything for MrFF’s £5 stocking. I have offered a voucher for a football pork pie on the understanding he doesn’t eat it all at once, they serve 2. What they have to do with football I have no idea.

Time for my rant about Christmas cards.  I really don’t  enjoy writing the cards but every year I enclose a newsy message.  Certainly not the self congratulatory bragging stuff, more a moan fest with a few photos, I like to think it keeps people up to date. So I am pretty disappointed when I get cards back with just a signature. We’ve been receiving such cards from people we haven’t seen for more than 35 years and I wonder why they bother.  And the ones that say we must meet up next year with no intention of offering an invitation to do so really hack me off.  More positively my missive often prompts a long overdue phone call and a few return letters which I greatly appreciate. 

I made the effort to attend a Christmas lunch which reminded me that I don’t like them at all.  The food wasn’t great, the service slow and understaffed.  Crackers and paper hats, a quiz, a visit from Santa and 30 over excited people.  I am 75 not 7 and a half.

Obviously I am not feeling festive at all but Christmas day will be lovely, a walk followed by a steam session, drinking too early in the day, nice food that is easy to prepare and parcels to open. Reaching that stage gets more challenging every year and MrFF has yet to have his rant about packing the unwieldy parcels into the car, and bringing back those we receive.  It’s one of the family traditions that make Christmas, apparently.

I hope you are calm and having a wonderful Christmas time, end of message.