Thursday 8 June 2017


Not only did Crema return safe and sound if exhausted this morning but late last night Theo, the shy and gentle black cat who has been visiting for a few years appeared. We and Grigio were delighted to see the old boy who has always been so good with the little ones and his return gives us hope for the rest of the family, just so long as Lisa hasn't been adding to the numbers.

Wednesday 7 June 2017


The annual water leak is fixed, the garden is coming on, today I finally cleaned the downstairs lounge, the one we never use, and I was going to say the cats have become permanent. However this morning a large grey striped stranger appeared howling on next doors balcony. Crema decided to join him and hasn't been seen since, not like her to miss food but let's not start to worry yet. We seem to have a new strain of mosquitos, generally they bite me but don't bother me, now I am coming up in itchy blisters and I have a large ugly lump on my forehead. Pizza delivery man Mr FF is here I must stop.