Friday 26 September 2014

Sometimes I amaze myself

3.00 on moving out day and I find time for a quick post.   
The packers arrived before 10 and now every room is practically empty, just a few boxes and last minute panic items to go into the fortunately capacious van. 
However Mr FF is perhaps not so organised, here we see his office. 
He tells me he will finish this off tomorrow while I am cleaning the house and that everything will go in the back of the car.
So we are spending the weekend in Pam and Andrew's lovely self catering barn but being fed and cared for by them every evening, just what we need to recover from this ordeal.

And fingers crossed we might be moving somewhere new of our very own on Monday but we aren't quite there yet, that man of mine likes to taking everything to the wire.

Thursday 18 September 2014

Packing dot com

It has started, the packing boxes arrived yesterday and so far I have been surprised by how little goes in each box and how much we have.  I am trying to keep to a reasonable weight, the removers may be strong but if we have to shift boxes ourselves later we want to avoid another hernia.  Who would have thought paperbacks were so heavy or that I had so many, I have been parring down but still.  I've found that half a box of books topped up with yarn works quite well, as does simply labelling the box 'books'.

As usual the cartons have been used several times, arrived flat and have to be reassembled with brown tape, that bit at least feels productive against my constant dithering about what to tackle next. Having already been impressed by the number of boxes that had previously been used for cleaning materials I was very amused to read this contents description.  

Actually looking at my stash of lotions and potions I have an extensive collection of non urgent ones myself.

Friday 12 September 2014

Not complaining .... but

Two weeks today we will be moving out of our lovely house.  We still have lots to dispose of but I am determined we won't take things with us to sort out later

We don't know where we will be moving to but the removal company have said that if we sign a contract, any contract, they will let us have some boxes next week so we can start the serious packing.  

We have made an offer on a property in Yorkshire but the survey wasn't good and we are currently in communication with the solicitors, it could go either way.  In fact when we contacted the sellers estate agents with the list of problems their only response was 'let us know if you have decided not to proceed' which I thought was rude and unhelpful, especially as we are chain free buyers.

I have a rotten cold that is not conducive to packing or sorting or generally dealing with this stressful time

On the upside, the weather is lovely and I'm enjoying the last days of my garden.   Also we have lots of social engagements as people want to see us before we move back to England and I am distributing pot plants with every visit.