Tuesday 25 October 2011

I was knitting honest

Despite taking enough yarn to open a shop with me to Italy I did very little knitting, even during the three days of travelling I hardly picked up the double pins. So it is embarrassing to admit that during the 10 weeks we were away I produced only these, three pairs of socks, the top two in patterns I have used before the lower is new to me Hedgerow by Jane Cochran. This pattern was very pleasing, easy to memorise and I particularly like the way the rib continues down the heel. I'm putting the variation of colour in the photographs down to the fact one was taken in Italy one in Scotland.Since being home I've made another little wrap cardigan, this one to take back to Lazio for Giulia, new daughter of Angelo and Francesca. It's knitted in an Opal sock yarn white with flecks of colour.
Since I left the massive stock of yarn in our house in Italy along with my favourite KnitPro needles and as I'm only taking out one pair of socks when we fly back tomorrow there is a big incentive to make more for the drive home which may not be till the end of November. Who knows what the weather will be like then.

Friday 21 October 2011

Happy Birthday Amelia

Amelia is two today, Happy Birthday darling girl. We loved having you with us in Italy, as much as you loved pasta, helping to keep the place tidy, more pasta with your great uncle, chilling out with Daddy, the media attention at our local bar, staying up late to eat pizza in the restaurant, cafe society, beach life, getting into the freezer to cool down and thank you so much for wearing your little flip flop dress for me.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Love those cupcakes

Liz of the above named blog had a giveaway recently that I read whilst in Italy and it really made me miss proper cakes. We have a well used teapot in the house with a regular supply of Yorkshire teabags and while we enjoy various pastries, croissants, little choux buns or panettone with our coffee a good cup of tea calls for a decent sponge with butter icing. I was fortunate enough to be selected in the draw and yesterday this lovely book and card arrived. Lots of deliciousness, I intend setting myself up with the right equipment, which is listed for each recipe, to take out to Italy with the book so that I never again have cupcake withdrawal.
Thank you Liz, this could be a life saver, we can probably stay even longer next time.

Friday 14 October 2011

At last a few snaps

Obviously I have lots of photographs to show you but I wont bombard you with them all at once, for now here are three that I call the good the bad and the ugly, in that orderLiving the dream with varnish from Nails Inc. I don't remember the colour and I left the bottle in Italy
A wild fire that raged for a week on the hillside behind our house. Helicopters with water buckets and planes that scoop from the sea were a constant presence and did a brilliant job in a very tricky location
Our second bedroom, carpet up, several layers of wallpaper and one of paint being stripped, we didn't leave it like this honest.

We did have a set back when we returned to Scotland, found our wood burner was smoking badly when we tried to light it. I am already the colour of a kipper, for a day or so I smelt like one too. Yesterday we managed to clear a blockage in the flue accessed through the inside of the stove, getting filthy in the process but it fixed the problem. Home three days now, Mr FF almost has the boiler installed and I've done a little tidying in the garden, which has been overtaken by weeds over the last 10 weeks. I suppose its not possible to have a transient lifestyle and a beautiful garden but please don't make me choose just yet.

Monday 10 October 2011

Its not over

Remember me, I'm the one who used to blog quite regularly and often about my dream of long trips to Italy. Well the dream came true, we've been here for almost 10 weeks, it has been wonderful but I have totally neglected my blog, probably because it is such a pain typing on the iPad and far to complex for me to load photographs.
Well I should be able to put that right soon as we fly home on Wednesday, we are leaving our car in Lazio and will return in a couple of weeks to do some decorating and drive it back. The weather is still exceptionally lovely, we both had a post lunch snooze on the terrace earlier. Mr FF is now upstairs knocking hell out of the soon to to be replastered -allegedly while we are in Scotland but I wont hold my breath-bedroom walls. He is cutting out channels for the conduit so the room can be rewired when we return, again allegedly.
Lots things have happened, our lovely week in Puglia, a completely unexpected tax bill that was supposed to be sorted today, we have heard nothing, an equally unexpected storm that destroyed our tv and our neighbour's computer before any plugs could be pulled, only 3 days that have had rain, maybe a but much pasta, a Judith Chalmers shade of tan, I won't go on.
So I'm trying to find warm clothes for the journey home, we left early August and didn't expect to stay so long. Of course as far as the locals are concerned the temperatures may still be in the 20s but summer is over, the beach bars and rows of sunbeds disappeared weeks ago, ice cream stocks are being run down and in some places gone completely and the dress code is fleeces, winter coats and scarves except for us because we still find it warm and we dont have any of those items here. These people need to go to Scotland with me, then they'd know what cold is I am not going to like it.