Monday 15 June 2015

Home, the other one

That was a brilliant week in Copenhagen, I really recommend it for a city break but do take plenty of money it is extremely expensive and very good quality.   I only bought a few postcards whilst lusting for gorgeous designer household items.  We managed a day on borrowed bicycles, a brilliant way to get around with sensible and wide bike paths, beautiful coastline and massive forests.
So we are back in Lazio, back to gardening and home maintenance, struggling for Internet connection, listening to early morning strimmers working in the fields, by early morning I mean around 4 am, and wondering why I always have such dusty feet.  I am busy creating a new border in the garden, it was full of ivy and wild flowers, some might call them weeds.  I want to make something colourful and permanent, a sort of Engkish style herbaceous area if I can.   So back to it, I'll try to keep you updated and I'm sorry I can't post any photos at present but I am taking lots and knitting a little and feeding our two cats, Theo and Lisa, so life is back to normal.

Sunday 7 June 2015

Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen

I was quite excited to come to Copenhagen especially after our trials in Italy but I hadn't expected it would be love at first sight.  Our Alitalia flight on Friday morning from Rome was calm, quiet and efficient, as someone regularly coerced into travelling Ryanair by a Yorkshire husband, I was delighted not to be pestersed by constant selling announcements or listening to self satisfied statistics about in time flights.  We all know that Ryanair set their flight times extra long so that even with departure delays they can pretend they arrive on schedule.  
Copenhagen airport is small and beautiful, so is the city, so is our friend's apartment that they have kindly handed over to us for the week.  People are friendly and happy, there is good coffee, even better cake,  in fact I adore all the food, the sun is shining, we can walk to the sea and look across to Sweden passing beautiful architecture including a gorgeous 1930s Arne Jacobsen white  block of flats facing the water.  Tell me what's not to like.
Last night we attended our friends golden wedding party held in a building in the middle of a large deer park.  We started at 6 pm and got home around 2 am having enjoyed the company of so many wonderful friendly people.  I am beginning of think Copenhagen must be the Ilkley of Denmark and I haven't even been to the shops yet.