Wednesday 18 July 2018

Cooking on gas

An expression I first heard from one of the 3 builders we used on our house in Scotland, he never really was but his words stuck with me.  I certainly feel as if I am being cooked most days now, it really is hot particularly in my kitchen, where I do use gas.  Not complaining, I love it.  We now have our plastic pool though the new terrace isn’t quite finished, we could wait no longer to be able to cool down.  I’m desperate to deck the area with summer pots, I’ve taken a lot of cuttings that are on stand by but Mr FF has suggested they will be in the way when he works so I have to wait to position them.
We’ve had a couple of weeks of the quiet times I love, where we are up very early, Mr FF does hard labour while it’s cool, we breakfast mid morning then we do very little and wear very little.  We go out hardly at all, it’s too hot now to walk down to the village, we just stay home, sweat and snooze.  
The hardest thing I do is water the garden and pick veggies in the evenings.  Every night we have courgette surprise on the menu, the surprise being that it’s courgettes again.  I took a bag down to a neighbour this morning and returned with a bottle of Spumante and a bag of figs, I came out best in that deal.
We can look forward to more of these dog days for a while, intense heat, occasional electric storms, lethargy, slight madness, cats spark out on the terrace, it’s what I’ve been waiting for, it’s paradise.