Saturday 26 July 2008

Oh no not the chainsaw

I really don't like the chain saw and I really don't like being the chainsaw operator's assistant but that's what I was today, loading branches onto the saw horse and holding them steady, from as great a distance as I could manage. At one stage I thought my nostrils had got blocked with sawdust, but actually my safety goggles had slipped down and were pinching preventing me breathing in properly. All the big bits of the tree are now useable sized logs that are as I write being barrowed into the wood store, what a cozy feeling that is. Since the tree was self seeded, filled a gap in the garden until it got too big, will now keep us warm in winter with logs and help condition the soil with mulch, its really served us well.
Another brilliant day that has just flown by. I've just made meatballs to have tonight with spaghetti and tomato sauce and Carlos Sastre riding for team CSC will win Le Tour tomorrow, unless there is some great disaster. I did mention to Mr FF this afternoon that I couldn't imagine Mrs Sastre (if there is such a person) would have to lift heavy wood, but he tells me that she does it all the time. That'll be right.

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