Thursday, 3 July 2008

Day one of the rest of my life

I've had such positive support over the last 24 hours, emails, phone calls, including one from the founder of the company I worked for who retired several years ago, old colleagues, though I suppose everyone is an old colleague now. So many good things said about me and my work, my courage for speaking out. My chum Pam was on my doorstep before 10 this morning with a bottle of something pink and fizzy for my first elevenses as a free woman. These sunflowers came from the admin team, my girlies, sunflowers for warmth and adoration, they said it seemed very fitting. So many, too many to fit in the lovely cream enamel jug that came with them and will always remind me of their love.
So my 42 year long working life is over. I'm still in weekend mode at the moment, doing the washing, dorissing the house. I can't say I've turned from admin goddess to domestic goddess overnight but I can't wait to see how I feel on Sunday knowing there will be no Monday morning blues. The tension needs to subside, I need to give myself permission to knit or sew or read a book in the day time, but I will. I worked 9 years for a woman who must have trained at the Robert Mugabe school of management, has yet to master the use of the apostrophe and thinks its OK to abruptly break up one of the greatest teams since the 1966 World Cup, this major life change will be a doddle.

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