Friday 4 July 2008

Another day another bouquet

I've been out today, I had such a good time which I'll tell you about tomorrow. When I got home there was a box on the doorstep containing this gorgeous large bunch of freesia that is perfuming the whole house. It was from Catriona and Patrick in America with a note saying 'Its Independence Day, how appropriate'. I used to work with/for Catriona (it was a pleasure), she is an occupational psychologist but the exception that proves the rule, kind, warm, generous, a champion for the admin team and above all special friend.
I can't thank her and Patrick enough for this wonderful gesture or tell them how much it means to me, though obviously I have tried. The message continues that I should be happy and I am happy but right now I'd be even happier if they were both here so I could give them a great big hug.

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