Saturday 19 July 2008

The day a tomato turn red

and huge hailstones fell from the sky.
At last a tomato is ready, but I need to leave it in the greenhouse to encourage the others to ripen.
Enough gardening, I've had made an irritating knitting cock up. I thought I had enough mohair to make as a present a little scarf using the Rowan Froth pattern that came with the free gift kit when I renewed my membership some time ago. You knit the scarf then pick up stitches round the sides and ends to make a ruffle, its very pretty and I've worn the one I made myself a lot. Anyway I kept weighing the yarn to make sure I was doing OK, assumed that since I'd used half for the scarf the same amount would knit the edges and worked really quickly in the way you do when you think the wool might run out, why do you do that? Alas I only had enough to knit one long and one short edge, if I could have knit both end edges I might have lived with one side plain pretending that was the bit you wear against your body or some such rubbish, but no, one end is ruffled one end is plain. Have you ever tried to pull our mohair, all the hairy bits just weld together, its impossible, so I can't start again and make a shorter version. Failure and as we know my self esteem is low at the moment. I need to let go and move on so I may start a pair of socks tonight instead of beating myself up. Lets face it, wasting time is a luxury I can afford, I could probably spend time in the greenhouse watching the tomatoes turning if I wanted to.

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