Thursday 10 July 2008

Yes I am gardening

The herbaceous border is doing wonderfully, its a joy to look out onto from the rooms at back of our house, the third photograph is the view from our bedroom. Not too much colour in there mainly yellow and blue at the moment, but plenty of muted shades, its very calming. The ground is saturated from all the rain we've had and each time I sweep up there's another storm bringing down leaves and debris. Lots of tomatoes in the greenhouse but no sign of any of them turning red yet despite constant inspections and encouragement from me. The sweet peas have started flowering and I'm picking small bunches most days to place on the kitchen window cill. The house is still full of flowers from my friends. I'm surrounded by blooms.
The strawberries are ready but its so wet that many of them are rotting before they ripen, at least half the crop is being spoilt. What we do pick are delicious eaten just as they are.I'm hoping the weather will improve for the weekend, there is an embarrassing number of weeds in the front border but if I can't get onto the ground there are enough other things I can do outside. Meantime I'm off to Glasgow again tomorrow with the new Cath Kidston bag I got in Tesco, I went for the flowery one and I love it.

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