Tuesday 8 July 2008

Desperate Housewife

I'm so relaxed I can hardly sit up straight. Yesterday I did actually go out and do some gardening, the weather improved and it was quite warm in the afternoon so I tidied and swept the patio, moved a few pots around and just enjoyed being at home. I stopped work around 5 pm (old habits die hard) and got my book out to sit and read on the garden seat, by 5.30 I was nodding off.
I found out today that I've finally been accepted on to the UK knitters blog ring, the link is at the side, its been there for a while but how nice to be official at last. So I feel the need to post my latest completed project, yes its socks again. I sent these Opal ones off to my sister in law, Val, at the weekend a slightly late and extra birthday present. She was on the phone yesterday to thank me and tell me how much she loved them, I am delighted and promised her there would be more. Positive feedback is so motivating (she said hoping not to sound like a psychologist), makes me happy. It would be pompous of me to relate all the wonderful comments I've had these last few days from people I've worked with, but I'm so gratified that they remember me for the things I'd want to be remembered for, my sense of irony, my courage speaking out, my responsive and entertaining style. Thanks guys, if you'd talked about my dedication and hard work I'd know you were lying.

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  1. Those socks look a lot like the ones you knitted me. I enjoyed wearing them with my Croks in the Dolomites. Jim thought they were the a great focal point of my attire.