Tuesday 22 November 2011

Quick update

Lets skip the usual excuses for lack of posts from Italy so that I can tell you how things are going. Slowly, exhaustingly, dustily. We hope to paint the second bedroom this week, return the fixtures and fittings to the room, clean the house and leave for Scotland early on Sunday morning. I'd rather hoped we would get to the stage of all those home make over programmes when the interesting accessories are sourced and added to dress the room, I shall be lucky if we get the wardrobe reassembled, next time maybe.
The olives are picked, 103 kilos that produced 22 litres of oil. I did most of the pickimg by hand, I'll tell you about that later.
Seems a long time since we were frazzled by the heat, eating gelato with Amelia or imagining we had so much time. We've been in Italy almost four months and it has been brilliant, we are constantly told now well we look and Mr FF is mantaining his much admired Italian haircut. Not looking forward to all the work still to do before we leave, all the packing, the goodbyes and back home the preparation for Christmas but I am lookimg forward to Joanne's wedding a few days after we return. As if to prepare us its raining today, the first cool wet day we've had but no doubt scraping the old carpet adhesive off the floor tiles will keep me warm (and filthy). La dolce vita contnues.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Buon Compleanno

Over the last few years I've had a few overseas birthdays, one in Palm Springs, my 60th in The Dordogne, but this my first birthday in Italy though my 63rd in total No presents and just a couple of cards but I am having a wonderful time, currently sitting out on the terrace under sunshine and blue skies, what could be better.
We returned to our house last Wednesday to find that as promised the second bedroom had been replastered, the electrical conduits installed and the room was very tidy if very dusty. Since them Mr FF and I have painted the room, the skirtings are being reinstalled and we should be putting the furniture back in there soon so that we can move in and start stripping put the main bedroom for the same treatment.
Despite all the work, upheaval and dust I am delighted to be back in Italy. The weather is lovely, gentle sunny days and cooler nights when we light the woodburner and cosy up. There is a real feeling of autumn, the colours are beautiful, all around us we here the chatter of people picking their olives and the little mill in the village is working constantly to produce another years supply of oil. I don't usually enjoy this change of season but there is a very positive feeling here, crops are harvested for a winter that won't last too long and its still warm enough for breakfast outside. What more could a birthday girl ask for.