Sunday 29 June 2008

Knitting Friends

There are two Jennys at work, one is a Swedish blond thirty-something and I am the other. Jenny SB has been knitting a jumper for her son Joseph, I think he's about 7, from one of my Rowan books. Jenny SB knits the continental way, well that's what she calls it, I can't quite figure out how it works but she seems to wrap the wool round the needle with the opposite hand to me. I've been helping out when things get tricky in a mentoring sort of way, and Jenny SB brought this card in for me at the end of last week. It is so appropriate because from the day she bought the wool her son has insisted that he will never ever wear the jumper and he keeps reiterating this whenever the knitting comes out. My mum always knitted for me, in my junior school photos I am wearing a hand-knit cardigan, as are most of the girls in the class and I don't recall ever objecting. I know some of the things I've knitted my two nieces over the years have not been so well received and I can only admire Jenny SB's determination to complete the jumper.
Speaking of determination I've been in discussion with Rowan on and off for the last year and I discovered when my membership came up for renewal that no action had been taken on my complaint, despite assurances otherwise. I contacted them again and spoke to Teresa Millward the Consumer Manager who seems to have taken over and is sorting out various problems and the website. She was very helpful, has extended my membership for 6 months and sent me this little gift, 6 balls of Denim and a pattern for a bag. How nice, we are friends again, if only Joseph was so easily bought.

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