Tuesday 30 May 2017

Change of life

After five days in the car we arrived back at our house in Italy. All the usual frustrations of Internet not working despite many trips to the Three shop and several payments, the irrigation is out of action, all my pot plants are dead and the house is filthy. But it's great to be back and two of our cats Crema and Grigio are around albeit part time as they still spend time with Giovanni and his family. Up until a month ago all the other cats were around too but they seem to have disappeared, we will take a walk out soon and see if we can spot them. We are cleaning and planting and socialising in equal measure. For some reason blogger has a mind of its own and it's really difficult to post so I won't go on but all is good, sun is out and I'll try again another day.

Friday 19 May 2017

Calmness is restored

Now our bathroom is finished we have reinstated the second bedroom, until recently used as a work and storage area for all that was happening in the ensuite.
Although we envisaged buying fitted wardrobes for now Mr FF has moved the existing ones into the newly created space, they look fine. 
I bought a very cheap pair of off the shelf beige eyelet curtains, maybe they need an iron, but the room feels calm and of course has the benefit of the newly installed ensuite bathroom.  I'd be happy to sleep there, in fact we are toying with the idea of moving to the other end of the penthouse.  But don't think about coming over for a few days Mr FF is keen to get off to Italy.  Me I'd like to enjoy the quiet and the sunshine here for a while, I know what's waiting in a house that has been empty for 6 months and a garden that has been neglected for the same amount of time.  I could move into the second bedroom for a while before the next bout of dust and debris but we are leaving very soon.

Saturday 13 May 2017

I couldn't wait

Having said I would take Josie Kittens sock pattern to Italy, I couldn't resist starting a pair using the Austermann Step yarn.
Both pattern and yarn got top marks, nice colour shading in a yarn that was good quality and an interesting textured pattern that wasn't too demanding.   I will definitely knit more of these especially as there are three size options.  

I am not really doing the pattern justice as I took the photos before I blocked. Sorry JK, not just in a hurry to start the pattern, in a hurry to show it off.

Monday 8 May 2017

Breakfast treat

I love breakfast, its my favourite meal of the day.  When we wake before we get dressed one of us makes a pot of Yorkshire tea, I have one cup Mr FF two and whoever hasn't made the brew gets to drink theirs in bed reading. Eventually we drag ourselves into the shower, dress and properly set the kitchen table for breakfast.    For me its always a large milky coffee, Lavazza made in one of our many stove top espresso pots, some rough tough muesli and wholemeal toast with home made marmalade, honey or jam, preferably red.  Mr FF is much more demanding, he's heard to say I'm bored with this muesli before we get to the bottom of the jar and often cooks himself bacon or a poached egg.
So I was delighted to find these beautiful big cups recently in a charity shop, £3 for the 4.  I spotted them as soon as I went into the shop and I was thrilled to look underneath and see that they are Danish.

They are perfect for my cappuccino and making me very happy at the start of the day.  I expect Mr FF will be bored with them soon.

Wednesday 3 May 2017

A quick alert

The lovely people at Wool Warehouse have further reduced Drops Fabel 4 ply sock yarn to £1.30 for 50 g.  Since delivery is free on orders over £25 I fear there will be another lovely squashy bag of yarn arriving at the penthouse soon.
I have started using this yarn and I'm happy with the ways its knitting, I like the colour patterning and its not splitting or being at all tricky.  It may be slightly thinner than other brands and of course I can't guarantee how it will wash and wear but at the price I do think its worth a try.
I'd show you what I've done so far but we are off out for lunch, I will try to post later but for now I suggest you take a look.
Happy knitting.

photo added, shade 914 Shoreline