Sunday, 1 March 2009


Trillium is finished, blocked and stitched. I am pleased with the results though wondering if I need to wear a camisole underneath, I might feel differently in the summer. The bonus is I have quite a lot of yarn left, certainly enough to knit a sleeveless top. Nice.
So back to socks for now. I have for a while been hankering after a set of sock blockers, not through any great necessity but I have admired them on other blogs. Trouble is they are quite expensive so I was delighted to come upon this post that gives instructions for making blockers from wire coat hangers. Not as beautiful as the handmade wooden ones I've seen but equally effective. Unfortunately I could only find one wire hanger in the house, lurking in the depths of Mr FF's wardrobe, my garments would never hang on such a thing. It was easy to bend the hanger and luckily the blocker seems to have turned out about the right size for a lady's sock, I need to make a second identical one and then think about the maths and geometry of producing different sizes but not today.
So good progress with my knitting, delighted with what I've done so far and even more delighted that we are now into March. I am just waiting for the hail to stop and then I might go out into the garden or more likely the greenhouse.


  1. Great result on the sweater! As for wearing a camisole, it really depends on whether it's the kind of yarn that has a touch of transparency only when photographed with a flash.

    I have a dress that has that, so if I'm going out in the evening and it's likely photos will be taken, I put a slip underneath. Otherwise, if it's during the day and there's lots of natural light, I leave the slip off.

  2. It's very nice.


  3. Result indeed! I have to say, it is very nice and in fact downright sexy. Which is not bad for a piece of knitting! Camisole, I guess that depends on how daring you feel that day!