Saturday, 21 March 2009

Start of the Season

Yesterday I decided it was time to wash down the green bench that sits on the patio year round and gets a little dirty during the Scottish winter. Doing this made me think of all the tourist and holiday venues that will be preparing for the onset of the season, National Trust houses and gardens dusting off and opening up again, hotels and bed and breakfasts having a spring clean ready for their visitors and even the seaside donkeys that will have spent the winter with a family being collected and returned to the beach for the summer. My niece homed a donkey from the sands at Filey when she was little, she looked after Snowy and occasionally rode him until it was time for him to work again. In fact she did such a good job that eventually the owners decided she could keep him and he lived happily on the farm to a ripe old age.
So we are embarking on our seasonal work, Mr FF has given the lawn its first gentle cut, so nice to see the stripes and smell the mown grass again.

I've embarked on what I hope will be a full season of being able to dry the washing outside
and we no longer have the stove burning 24/7, in fact we've had the french doors open wide for the last couple of days and only lit the fire late afternoon.
I'm really enjoying this new routine, warmer weather, longer hours of daylight and so much happening in the garden. We officially had the first day of spring earlier this week but its the seasonal activities that confirm when spring begins not the calendar, I think its here, I really do.


  1. Well done on being so busy in the garden! Mr P and I spent most of Saturday tidying the house and didn't get round to heading outside. How disappointing! Glad you're enjoying the lovely sunny days - they seem to be doing everyone a world of good!

  2. There's nothing like stripey grass and wind dried sheets to let your know spring has arrived. Glad to hear you're enjoying this wonderful unexpected sunshine.