Monday, 16 March 2009

My weekend

I am exhausted after a full on weekend.
Saturday's yoga session was brilliant, so good to get back into it again with such a lovely group of women. I managed to stand the pace and afterwards we all tucked into coffee and cakes kindly provided by Julie.
Lunch yesterday with the girls was delicious is every way, though I really need more practise eating big lunches, I was very sleepy and sluggish afterwards and didn't eat another thing all day I'm pleased to say. Seeing the Jean Muir exhibition was wonderful, took my thoughts back to the late 60s early 70s which I remember as a happy liberated time when my hair was longer than my skirts. What I appreciated most was how beautiful Jean was, a really elegant individual woman who wore her own style so comfortably.
Edinburgh was looking well. Even though I have a bus pass, I usually park on the outskirts and walk everywhere when I'm in town. The path across the Meadows, a large well used public space, was a treat with all the spring bulbs flowering. This planting is a fine example of municipal gardening that lasts from year to year with little attention and makes a great impact.
This morning Mr FF went off to London on business for a couple of days and its raining which prevents much gardening so maybe I'll just take it easy and try not to slob out - that would be so un-Jean Muir.

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