Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Here's my handle, here's my spout

Needled alerted readers of her blog and fans of Yorkshire Tea recently that the gift scheme ends in June. I'd been collecting the little tokens that are on the inside of each packet for ages and thought I had enough for a tea pot. I checked and was just three short, lo and behold the large box of tea bags in the store cupboard provided just the right number and I sent off my order.
The postie delivered my lovely teapot at the weekend. Postie and I have an arrangement whereby if he has a parcel he simply tries the front door and if its open pops the package in the lobby, saves him ringing the bell and waiting. I expect this action contravenes some Health and Safety directive, there is always the risk I or a mad axe man could be waiting behind the door. It may also be an infringement on my human rights as it denies me the possibility of sitting naked in the lobby at least until the post has been delivered. But we both live with these limitations and though our house guests were a little surprised when the front door flew open and shut again whilst we were sitting chatting, I knew it could only be good news.
And why you may ask did I photograph my new teapot in the garden. Because I'd already taken my new Emma mug out to be snapped against the pot of miniature tulips on the patio and I liked the colour combination. There would have been more tulips but the under-gardener failed to set a mouse trap in the greenhouse as I asked him and the vermin ate most of my bulbs.


  1. I remember seeing the tokens but I never could collect them because we just sometimes buy this tea, it's not so easy to buy around here. But we buy it when we can.
    The teapot is very nice.


  2. Love your red tulips next to your new mug....so cheery and bright.

  3. Lovely teapot and the mug looks superb with the tulips. My tulips seem to he sulking at the moment - not a speck of colour in sight from them yet.