Sunday, 8 March 2009

Not going out

I was going into town today to have lunch at a restaurant with the working girls and then take a look at the Jean Muir exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. In the way of a girl who hasn't been out for a week I was quite excited about this, cleaned my shoes, painted my nails and this morning washed, conditioned and blow dried my hair. A fair amount of snow had fallen overnight and it has continued to snow all morning to the extent that I'm not prepared to venture out for a 40+ mile drive. Oh dear, the disappointment. I'm not one for spontaneity, I hate a sudden change of plan and now I don't know what to do with myself. Mr FF is watching football and I really need a big project to occupy me.
I've finished the Opal socks, I really love them and intended to wear and show them (and my nails) off today .
I've started another pair using up odd balls, knitting the rib, heel and eventually the toe in one yarn the body of the sock in another. They'll make a decent pair for me and reduce the stash. Not as exciting as going out though, I feel like a child that has just had Christmas cancelled, I must get over this I'm 60 not 6.


  1. I'm so amazed how you make these socks. I know I couldn't, I'm not that gifted.


  2. Thanks for visiting me. So sorry to hear your day out was cancelled - what a shame. Lovely to see that you are a fellow knitter (though much better than me) and sock knitter too!

  3. So sorry to hear that your plans were cancelled and you had snow yet again. The Jean Muir exhibition sounds fab, hopefully you'll get there sometime soon and tell us about it.

    Thanks for popping by and your lovely comment - do visit again soon!

  4. Sorry to hear that your expedition was cancelled - especially after getting ready with such attention to detail!!
    But at least more knitting got done!

  5. I to am amazed with your talents!
    Debbie Moss

  6. Ah, I hate it when you really look forward to something and then it ends up not happening after all..! But at any rate, happy Women's Day belated to you and your readers!