Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wool Relief

A while back my chum Ann asked if I had any spare wool she could use to knit and felt. Ann hasn't been too well lately and is undergoing quite aggressive treatment so she's had a bit of time on her hands for knitting, I was happy to get rid of some of my stash and sent off a parcel that I called Wool Relief.
This morning the postie left an envelope on my doorstep marked for the Chairwoman of the Wool Relief Committee containing a beautifully wrapped parcel, note the Prada ribbon.
Inside was this gorgeous felted brooch, the colours are just perfect for me and I love it. Ann and her daughter Lucy have been busy making them for a craft fair, I'm sure they'll sell well. I can't stop smiling because Ann always tells me she's a hopeless knitter and obviously she isn't.


  1. How lovely, such a beautiful broach.

  2. That's so lovely. And it's only fitting you should be Chairwoman of the Wool Relief Committee with the size of your stash!