Thursday, 26 February 2009

Everything I wanted

A grand day out yesterday when Mr FF had to go down to England for meetings and kindly dropped me off in Darlington for a few hours. The sun was shining, the temperature in double figures so I had an enjoyable walk round without the need of a jacket, a couple of coffees and a lot of fun. It was a bit disappointing but probably just as well that the wool shop was closed all day and I'm pleased to report that despite spending time on the Clarins counter in House of Fraser and receiving an application of their new foundation for mature skin, I didn't spend. However, I came upon a really smart kitchen shop full of Bridgewater pottery and of course the new Garden Scheme mugs. The sales lady was as enthusiastic about the range as me, we had a good long chat about Emma's mugs and I had to buy the tulip one, its even more beautiful in real life and has already been used.
The three hour car journey meant that at 7 am I could start another sock, perfect travel knitting and I'd been longing to get the next pair onto the needles. Trillium is finished and just needs stitching up so I didn't break my one at a time rule.
We left Darlington just after three and took the scenic route home, over the switchback roads of County Durham that brought us to the pretty little town of Corbridge where we spent half an hour browsing in RE, a wonderful mix of desirable 'stuff'. I loved the beautiful selection of pressed glass, cake stands, jugs, beakers and vases but didn't buy anything. I'd already got what I needed.


  1. Sounds like such a great day out! Here I am stuck in a dungeon at school waiting for everyone to finish their lunch break.. We don't even have windows. Oh how the life of young people today is tough. Oh and well done for not coming home with 4 moisturisers and some powder from the makeup visit!

  2. That mug is lovely - it's very hard not to collect Emma's mugs when they are as gorgeous as that one.

    And well done for not spending in RE, a shop (and website) I try very hard to stay away from as cash seems to disappear from my purse rather quickly!

    I've never perfected travel knitting or crochet. Unfortunately I get car sick if I look down too much and my yarn skills are not good enough to knit or crochet without looking.