Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Sock I'd like to Stab

I know this is wrong and children must never try it at home, but its how I feel because getting the size right with the available yarn has so frustrated me. I eventually cast on 44 stitches, worked out the heel and gusset shaping myself, which I agree was a good and useful exercise, and ended up with an ordinary acceptable sock. But the journey, every weekday night spent knitting and unknitting and all because I didn't work out the tension before I started. Now I have to make the second one and I can't wait for it to be finished. I may never bond with these socks, we have too much history.
Lets be more positive, look at these lovely lambs, fibres of the future. They live down in the village beside the main road and are attracting lots of attention. As soon as I went to photograph them this morning they all came trotting over and posed so nicely. I may be a farmer's daughter, I can recognise a Swaledale or a Leicester (the latter because when I had my 1970s curly perm my brother said I looked like one), but I'm not sure what breed these are, may be Shetland, I'll try to find out. Whatever they are, they are adorable and have so much potential, my love affair with yarn certainly isn't over its just a little tiff.

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