Sunday, 16 March 2008

Garden Weekend

Its been full on gardening this weekend, Friday Saturday and Sunday I've managed at least a few hours outside and today the weather was so good it was almost warm. I could practically see the daffodils cracking open, they are showing yellow if not quite out, unlike the rest of the UK I know. I've finished cutting back all the old foliage in the herbaceous borders, front and back, revealing lots of new growth and plenty of weeds. I top dressed the hostas with compost from the heap. Its like mining for gold digging into the pile to find well rotted crumbly goodness that went in as lawn cuttings, weeds, leaves and a bag or two of shredded paper from my office. I do sometimes wonder if I might come across a mouse, or worse a rat, when I'm delving in there, not that we ever put food waste onto the heap, so far its been clear of vermin.
Joy of joys, the sweetpeas are up, at least 24 have germinated so I just need to keep those going until around the end of May, which is the earliest I can safely plant them out. The dahlias are all spouting, which surprised me as I just bought a few plastic packs, buy one get one free, in the garden centre. The tubers looked old and dry when I planted them and I didn't hold out much hope. Just goes to show what a bit of bottom heat can do. Today I've sown peppers and sunflowers. Such an exciting time, this weekend has really re-charged me after a miserable week at work struggling with spreadsheets, graphs and charts. More of the same tomorrow I expect but my goodness the garden looks good.

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