Friday, 14 March 2008

Farm Yarn

Look what the postie brought me. 5 balls of Farm Yarn natural organic British alpaca wool. I got it on ebay and its just yummy. I was a bit concerned to read on their website that often in South America the alpaca are slaughtered for their wool, thats a big price to pay for supersoft yarn but they stress that this certainly doesn't happen in the UK. Makes me happy on a day when I'm a bit feeling sad.
I went to the greenhouse this morning to find that one of the woodpeckers that visits our feeders every day was dead on the path. I heard a crashing sound when I was drinking tea in bed this morning, the poor creature must have flown into the glass. I feel responsible that I encourage birds into the garden and this is what happens. Mr FF says it may have been a new woodpecker that hadn't visited before and was confused, usually they flit around the garden so safely. I did hear drumming in the trees so there are other woodpeckers around but am still sorry to lose this one. Not a positive post this morning, lets hope the weekend improves.

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  1. I'm sorry about the little woodpecker. Perhaps you could get some stickers for your greenhouse? They sell some on RSBP website here: