Saturday, 5 April 2008


I love these erythronium dens-canis, the dog's tooth violet so called because their fleshy white corms are said to resemble a dog's tooth. The mottled foliage is interesting and the pink purple nodding flowers are delicate and delightful. I treated myself to five little corms when I was first establishing the garden and I remember thinking how expensive and indulgent they were at a time when I needed to buy so many plants. They have repaid me many times, increasing year by year to provide colonies all over the woodland part of the garden. In fact I've even been able to pass on plants, I swapped a pot of dens-canis for this yellow relative from the erythronium family, it too has established and increased well.
They all flourish happily under the trees and benefit from both the leaf litter in autumn and a top dressing of compost from the heap in early spring.I also have these, which again were a swap. I can't swear that they are from the same family though I believe they are. Not quite in flower yet but I couldn't resist snapping the emerging bud, it sums up this time of year, so much happening and so much to look forward to.
Mr FF has scarified the lawn getting rid of the moss and old grass, we both spent time working outside despite the snow and hail. Typical springtime weather though today's April showers have been a bit extreme.

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