Monday, 24 March 2008

Ennui at Easter

I didn't blog over the Easter weekend as nothing happened. I don't work Fridays and I went into the office today to help redress the holiday deficit, so really it was just a normal weekend for me. No bunnies, no chicks, no egg hunt. There are some pretty lambs down in the village that I meant to photograph but every time I stepped outside the snow came down. Very little gardening done and while I did go out with my camera to record progress, there was none. I noticed today in Edinburgh that lots of blossom has come out since I was there last, but here at sleepy hollow time is standing still.
I have been reading, knitting more little socks and carrying out my domestic duties. And I had a big bake in on Friday, quiche, bread and rock buns - even they look a bit dull.

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