Sunday, 2 March 2008

A day in bed

The migraine fairy called by this weekend, firstly on Friday when she gave me a light tap that caused headache but nothing I couldn't cope with. I managed my yoga class just fine and even pulled myself together to attend a social gathering of our old tango class. I didn't feel like eating or drinking but Mr FF and I had a few dances, the basic steps came back to us if not all the fancy moves we'd been taught. We both enjoyed the evening and seeing our classmates again.
Saturday morning I was floored, splitting headache and nausea. You know how you fantasise about having a day in bed and when it happens its because you are ill so you can't do any of the things that you imagine you might, like reading, knitting or just feeling relaxed. Its particularly unfair when this happens at the weekend, and it was a while before I came to terms with the fact there was nothing I could do but live through the attack. I lay in bed with the curtains drawn, attempted to eat a quarter of a slice of toast and promptly brought it up again. I eventually surfaced around 7 pm mainly because I couldn't bear the prospect of staying in bed any longer.
Today I feel so much better, rested in the way you do when you haven't eaten for 24 hours and happy to be up and about if in a subdued way. I was out in the garden for an hour or two, until the snow drove me inside. Its a pleasure to see the progress the garden has made over the last week. This episode serves as a reminder that I normally enjoy good health, I've never had any major illness in my life, and the day off makes me appreciate all the more my home, my garden and my well being, all of which I was desperate to return to.

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