Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Little and Large

This photo doesn't really show the scale, but the grey socks are for Mr FF's size 10 feet and the orange ones for a three year old. I knitted the large pair in the gray Araucania Ranco and topped and tailed them with the purple I used for the Hedera socks as (a) I was concerned I didn't have enough wool and (b) I thought it made them more interesting, I'm delighted with the result. I decided to knit the little ones as I have quite a stock of left over Opal from making girl size socks. I have knitted a few pairs of fingerless gloves but some of the colours are a bit limiting, children's socks are a fun and quick way to use up the wool. Two wearable items and all that knitting entertainment from one 100g ball is such good value, how easily pleased I am.

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