Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Solar gain

Gloriously bright today, I got so much sunlight into my eyes at lunchtime I almost overcharged my batteries. Much of my energy and positivity were used up preparing a PowerPoint presentation this afternoon but I am still feeling the benefits. I was home before dark and did a quick check in the greenhouse but no growth yet from my weekend sowing, patience must be such a virtue.
Here are the pots I have at the front door, I do like to have something welcoming and seasonal to greet visitors and these do the job very well. The primroses and muscari I rescued from the bargain bucket at a garden centre, £1 each, the cyclamen coum were from a local flower shop. They can all go into the garden once they stop flowering and should be good for years to come.
Payday tomorrow, Opal socks on the needles and we are almost into March, I really am positive +++ aren't I.

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