Thursday, 2 June 2022

Happy and glorious


I intended posting today about the Queen’s jubilee and including an old black and white photograph of me and my brother at our village coronation celebrations in 1952.  I posted this snap 10 years ago however blogger or ipad have decided it’s impossible for me to take the photograph from that post and stick it on todays. I can have the next photograph no bother but not the one I want.

Life’s a bit like that, you can get all sorts of things you neither want nor need but never just what you do want.  Take our tv set up here.  I know it’s complicated to get the stations we want, Italian and UK, to do so we have many boxes and routers and dishes and receivers, in fact we have 8 remote controls but don’t ask me what they are for, I’ve no idea.  It’s reached the stage now we need the iPad or MrFF’s phone to get the bloomin tv on, it’s beyond my ability or enthusiasm to work it.  MrFF being a man and an engineer gets cross and ask how I’d manage if he wasn’t here, he forgets I’d be on the next flight back to Yorkshire where I can work the tv.

Mario was here this morning and we talked about the jubilee.  Like most Italians he doesn’t understand why we appreciate and value our Queen so much.   She has been constant leader throughout my life and dedicated her own to the service of our nation.  A 70 year reign is certainly something to celebrate despite her majesty probably not always getting what she wants either.  I am sorry you cannot see the photograph and that we won’t be tucking into pork pies and cakes today.  

Enjoy the celebrations, God save the Queen.


  1. I really enjoyed Trooping the Colour

  2. Hers has been an amazing life and she has remained stoic and constant through the whole thing. No wonder she is so revered!

  3. Hope you raised a mug of Yorkshire Tea to the Queen this weekend!