Monday, 27 June 2022


Extreme temperatures have caused the worst drought in Italy for 70 years.  Water levels are half what is normal at this time of year.  Our region, Lazio, has declared an extreme calamity and today we are on a red warning for heat, it’s 33 degrees and rising.

Meanwhile we have discovered our 4th water leak since Easter,  this time in the worst possible location, the jungle between the sports ground and the meter in the snake pit.  MrFF keeps checking and Giovanni too is looking out for a patch of green on the brown mountainside.  Anna has had her 4th leak repaired but is still losing water, she has turned off her supply and gone back to Rome.

I can’t help thinking that if there was better infrastructure there wouldn’t be a 45% loss of all drinking water through leaks and the calamity would have been avoided.  


  1. We are deesperate for rain here but it is nothing like as warm as you are - about twenty here and a cool breeze.

  2. How tragic to see all that good water wasted.

    1. That was me, btw.

    2. Sorry, comments seemed to be set on anonymous, it was me!

  3. What a nightmare it is. As soon as you find one leak, another one appears.