Thursday, 9 June 2022

Another water leak

MrFF went to do his regular meter check last night to discover we have our third water leak since we arrived.  Again it’s in the gully, we went out to do our usual scratch and search but this time we couldn’t find the leak.  By 8.15 last night we gave up, I came home to start dinner while MrFF turned off the supply as we are losing so much.

After further investigation this morning has MrFF determined the leak is in the top 15 metres of the gully where it’s steep and rocky.  It rained overnight so now finding a damp area is even more tricky so he’s gone to the builders yard for supplies and for now is going to bypass the leaking section with a temporary overground pipe.  At least we shall be able to wash and I can tackle the pile of washing up in the kitchen.  We made tea this morning with bottled fizzy water, not recommended.

It’s hard to believe this is happening. Water is such a huge issue here, not that we ever run out even in the driest spell it’s just the problem of getting it to our home.  I could walk from our house to properties that have been built with no water supply at all yet we are only 40 miles from the capital city.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing but if we’d known 20 years ago it would be like this we’d have made our own arrangements then, like bought a house in France.


  1. Oh gosh, so sorry about your water problems - not a problem here I am pleased to say. Water-wise we are short of it on our gardens this year though. We have not had what I would call a good wet day here for weeks and weeks and the poor old plants in the garden suffer. Hope your leak is found soon

  2. You are just so lucky MrFF is such a versatile handyman!

  3. So sorry to read about another leak but it's the idea of tea being brewed from sparkling water that's leaving me with a shocking image! Hope you can get it all sorted.

    1. Sorry I wouldn't normally comment anonymously - not sure how it happened.

  4. It all sounds a complete nightmare.