Monday, 20 June 2022

Change of plan

We have made a plan as we have friends coming to stay in 10 days time and work on the terrace has been set back by temperatures in the 30s.  Not only is it impossible to work much after 11 am and then not again until early evening it’s never cool enough to lay the expensive new screed, not at any time of day or night.

MrFF is currently repairing the balcony edges which are a right bodge up and probably the cause of a lot of our damp problems.  He’s had to change his repair plans a few times as he’s uncovered various horrors but he’s making a great job with new fully reinforced concrete as you can see from the before and after.

So we’ve decided to clean as much as possible the old membrane so we can at least sit on the balcony for meals.  We will rig up the sun sails somehow, they are normally fastened to the railings which are currently mostly connected to nothing and propped on blocks.  I will arrange a few pots and we will remove the cement mixer which we hauled into position only last week.  

We can then install the plastic pool on the lower terrace where we have been eating and lounging. It’s much airier on the balcony, has better views and it’s easier to step out with food and drinks than carry it all down the steps.  Plus I am desperate for the pool for cool downs and quite happy to have a break in the work, I’m sure MrFF is too, he needs a pausa as we say here.  Like all the workers we are up before 6 to tackle jobs before the heat arrives and we regularly fall asleep struggling to watch the 10 o’clock need that we see at 11.  The heat is forecast to continue for at least 10 days with no rain in sight as Europe continues its heatwave.  The tomatoes are turning and being regularly watered, the lawn is brown and crisp, I am rather that way myself.


  1. Quite warm here for us too but a nice breeze to cool us nicely.

  2. It sounds hot. Here in our part of Yorkshire it is quite cool, except when the sun comes out of course.

  3. A busy time you have over there. Hope you and MrFF can take a break soon!

  4. Have a lovely time with your friends! x