Monday 1 February 2021

This week

Today we are opening our last box of Yorkshire tea.  160 brews and counting, we use one tea bag a pot as I drink black weak tea, Mr FF let’s it steep (lovely word) once I’ve poured mine.  We still have some breakfast tea and some Ceylon and there are shops, it’s just we love our Yorkshire tea.   Several of you have kindly offered to send us tea, and books and yarn, it’s really generous but honestly the post here is so unreliable it’s not worth it.  Recent examples of mail from home 

Our copy marriage certificate took 6 weeks to arrive

My replacement credit card didn’t arrived after 2 weeks, it was cancelled, another sent and that arrived 2 weeks later, then the original one arrived after a month 

Christmas cards posted 2 weeks before Christmas arrived 2 weeks after Christmas.  I still have them on display as they were handmade by the youngest of our grand nieces, Esme is eight, Isla is just one, bless

It’s sunny today, the forecast is for warmer weather and we are back in the yellow zone for covid restrictions, that’s the lightest one.  Most of Italy is in yellow with maybe 5 regions in the orange mid zone which is good. So we start February feeling positive, Mr FF is cracking on with work in the garage, he’s taken to wearing a shower cap to keep the grit out of his hair, the house is full of dust.  

Let me finish with this lovely photo that was doing the rounds at Christmas. It was taken near Skipton, not so many miles from the penthouse.  Even if we run out of tea for a while there will still be tea, there is always hope.  Keep safe and cheerful, have a good week.


  1. Lovely pictures! Thank you for this positive note- there is hope for a better future- lets hope we have turned the corner. Thank you too. for your blog- it is always a bright spot in my day!

  2. Darling Jenny,

    Thank you for finding us since now we have succeeded in connecting with you!

    Although everyone expects the British to be tea drinkers above all else , we have to confess that we have moved towards wine tasting as we become more assimilated into Hungarian life. Indeed, as the Hungarian 'champagne' costs around £2.50 per bottle, we have been sliding down the slippery slope of wine drinking for some time now at all meals other than breakfast!!

    We are eagerly waiting to read more of your adventures in Italy. Indeed, if we had not gone wrong at Calais, and turned right instead of left, we should be in Venice rather than Budapest right now. Still, we can travel virtually and that is the next best thing.

  3. I too am a Yorkshire Tea fan and 1 bag is ample - I too drink black and weak. Can't beat it.

  4. I always find it strange to come across Yorkshire Tea in all corners of the world. I thought it was blended particularly for our local water, but my daughter buys in bulk in London whilst British visitors to my son in New Zealand are asked to go laden and I admit that I can’t taste any difference to the pot we brew at home.

  5. That's a great photograph of the Yorkshire Tea lorry in the snow.

    I only drink Green tea at home but am always happy if offered a cup of Yorkshire Tea.

  6. You have our sympathy. We just opened our last box of Yorkshire Tea as well. Don't know when we'll get back over as we live in the U.S.

  7. Yorkshire Tea is my go to tea, I don't drink anything else. I will happily send you more supplies if you want. xx