Thursday, 25 February 2021

Spring is certainly in the air

We are having the most gorgeous weather, temperatures in the high teens but feeling warmer,  blue skies, no frost. This has caused me to garden furiously, tidying, cutting back shrubs which I should probably leave alone for now, moving pots out of their sheltered positions,  sowing seeds, ruining my hands.  I am sleeping like a log and having a great time.

I’m not the only one with spring fever.  A cat has been calling round, one we’ve seen before and thought was a male, it’s quite large and in good condition.   From the day long howling and Enrico’s reaction we thought we got that wrong and it must be female.  Friday night Enrico slept out, which he does sometimes, but was around during the next day joining in the continuing cats chorus.  Grigio was quite put out as were we, it just went on and on.  Saturday night Enrico slept out again, Sunday we didn’t see him at all and were starting to worry,   He returned Monday evening and slept a lot.

The visiting vocal cat called again on Tuesday afternoon but Enrico wasn’t interested and it took off down the road  Then Mr FF reported that a cat had sprayed at the entrance to his grotto, he works with the garage door open.   The dust sheet over the table, covering amongst many things the spare bags of cat biscuits had been disturbed and on further investigation he found a packet of food had been torn open and biscuits were scattered around.   It is a male so why is it pestering another male although not aggressively and a neutered female who is bewildered, why doesn’t Enrico see it off, the Italian cat world is a mystery to us. 

Back to the garden.  This is the first time I’ve really experienced spring and I’m very pleased.   I’m not sure I want to spend another winter here but I’d be happy to be back from now onwards to enjoy watching my plants spring into life.  Plenty of buds about to burst, the apricot and plum trees will be flowering soon, perennials are emerging, the ants and lizards are about, it really is quite special.  On Monday I was wearing a short sleeved t shirt to potter around. Four men came into our road to take down some trees above the olives, all wearing big jackets, hats and gloves.  Even though they were working hard bringing the wood down the hillside they remained fully clothed. I bet they thought I was the crazy one with my bare arms but I hope they also thought I have a very nice garden.


  1. Lovely photos, very cheering!
    The difference in the weather between our two homes is greatest at this time of year, spring definitely under way in France whilst bulbs barely daring to poke their noses out of the mud here!
    I remember when Daisy first came into season. She went to the highest point in the house and howled. It was a spine chilling sound. We thought something terrible had happened to her although she was an indoor cat and only six months old at the time.

  2. Dear Jenny,

    With everything looking so cheerful in the garden, no wonder you are in such high spirits. Wonderful.

    Cats really are masters and mistresses of their own destinies. They always seem to give attention to those who do not want it and are aloof from those who would love them to be more responsive. Strange....

  3. Our female, spayed cat sprays outside. Could your visitor be female? Or have you spotted "a pair" giving a bit of a clue?!

  4. Love those daffodils in full bloom - and those exquisite white violets.

  5. I love it when those small blooms begin to burst. Just 6 degrees here this morning but blue sky and sunshine, so I sat outside for my morning coffee and ended up removing my fleece, then rolled up my shirt sleeves but thought better of going any further - Yorkshire, February, get a grip came to mind!

  6. So lovely to see signs of spring. My tete-a-tete daffs are just starting to emerge. I hope that the stray cat doesn't become a nuisance. I can remember when Mr JK and I used to visit Greece in October. We would be wandering around in shorts and T-shirts while the locals were wrapped up in their coats!