Monday 22 February 2021

Man at work

The biggest part of the garage wall is done, cleaned, repaired and repointed. It looks splendid.  The ex garage will be a wonderful workshop/laundry room/wine cellar and while I am heartily sick of all the dust which is everywhere despite the protection the improvement will be worth the continual house cleaning.

Now Mr FF has moved the grotto to the other end of the wall and is doing the same again.  I’ve had a bit of trouble getting him in there since we’ve had such nice weather but the end is in sight.  He will box round the various pipes at the top of this section, though knowing him he’ll still repair and repoint the part that will be out of sight.  

I did ask him if he was ok for me to take a snap and post it, he was pleased to oblige, so here is your first and probably only glimpse inside this secret place, enjoy.  


  1. Dear Jenny,

    Gosh, this does look like a marathon operation or a labour of love, we are not quite sure which.

    The garage wall is an artwork in stone, its wonderful honeycomb structure which, presumably, will be left open for all to admire.

    With Spring around the corner, your husband will surely be tempted outside so, time is of the essence now for a completion date!

  2. I must say this all looks very efficient. Do you rent him out for a fee?

  3. It's just as well that Mr FF is pretty handy, or goodness knows how long you'd be waiting to get things done in Italian time! x

  4. Oh I do like that wall - really deserves it’s moment of publicity.