Saturday 13 February 2021

Grey days

Back in November I showed you the blue sky

Today it looked like this

We have been in the cloud all day, the temperature has only been two or three degrees and it’s forecast to drop to minus 6 over the next two nights.  I’ve wrapped my tender plants in fleece and moved pots to sheltered places.  

It’s not forever, by next weekend temperatures should be kinder so I am hoping this will be the end of winter.  And it’s not all misery today, after looking out at this for hours 

Just before sunset the cloud lifted, there is snow on the mountain and the mist in the valley turned red.

Mr FF knows nothing of this, he’s been working in the grotto all day and says I shouldn’t start dinner too early, sounds like a long day.  I bet he’s made great progress while I have done nothing much.  Grey just isn’t my colour and whilst miserable weather isn’t my favourite topic during these lockdown days there is little else to talk about although Piero our neighbouring shepherd called by this afternoon with a gift of his ricotta, kindness that brightened our day.  


  1. You are not missing any nice weather over here - heavy snow, ice, cold East winds - how we all long for Spring.

  2. Life would be very silent in our home without the weather to discuss.

  3. It's amazing how just getting up at altitude can get you into the sunshine isn't it. We've had wet and miserable for a while but the sun has made its way back here and I hope it sticks around. It changes so much of your mental attitude doesn't it!

  4. Ooh, I bet the ricotta was delicious. Have you sourced more Yorkshire tea yet? x