Thursday, 28 January 2021

It’s in the preparation

One long wall of our Italian garage is below ground. It’s made of stone which  for many years was damp in winter. A couple of years ago Mr FF installed outside a new damp proof course above and outside this wall, Piero our village muratore laid new porfido, the crazy paving I like a lot, the area on the right of this photo. 

It took a long time for the stone to dry out but now it’s fine and ready for Mr FF to re-point.  It’s not so beautiful at the moment but I think it has potential to look really nice, Mr FF has made such a good job of the garden walls I have high expectations. 

The old mortar will need raking out and that’s going to cause a lot of dust so Mr FF decided to section off the area and work in his own little room.  Ingenious, I imagine I won’t see him for days on end and just keep passing cups of tea behind the plastic.

The garage has a rather nice tiled floor, we’ve never used it for the car as the descent was far too steep.   Many years ago we changed the up and over door for a pass door and window so it’s not really a garage any more. It’s always been a dumping ground and I’m hoping we can install shelving rather than putting everything on the old table tennis table.

In fact I’m thinking of a nice wine cellar, as you may notice we are already well stocked in the booze department.


  1. Dust or no dust, plastic sheeting to create husband’s own little space is ingenious; this could well catch on! (Just kidding, although I am tempted to suggest it).

  2. Having just read back through some posts I read about "your" cat Enrico. Not much of an animal lover are you when you leave for EIGHT MONTHS without providing care for the poor cat. When you returned he turned up looking thin - he has obviously been left to fend for himself after having being used to being fed by you. You're heartless.

  3. That is an impressive wine cellar! A great start!