Wednesday 29 April 2020

Country in the time of corona

Mr FF loves country music.  I like some of it, John Denver, Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers I can tolerate.  I do love Glen Campbell and I've just finished reading Johnny Cash's autobiography, I'm not averse to the genre but honestly some of the stuff he listens to is bonkers.   
I tell him country songs are all the same, wailing that the truck won't start, the cotton crop has failed and the hogs have all died, you get the drift.  Just the thing to cheer you up during a pandemic.
The other day he was listening to someone singing 'Mothers don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys', the various verses elaborated why this would be a mistake.  Didn't mention that they would end up singing stupid songs while wearing a stetson and fancy boots though.
You're the reason our kids are ugly, that truly is a song, google it, no don't bother.
I am of the opinion that we need to be uplifted by music during lock down, not dragged down to the pits, but good old country boy FF is having none of that.  We listen to country at breakfast and during dinner until I crack and turn it off.  I hope you are locked down to a few better tunes than me and no I don't want one of these thank you very much.


  1. My other half has always been a big fan of The Doors but whilst “The End” may be of a different genre to country music tales of woe, it’s still not entirely fitting. Oh well, Stand by your Man as Tammy used to say.

  2. This certainly made me chuckle! Listening to sad, old country songs in Yorkshire! I am from the USA and don't much care for country music either! :) But my kids used to enjoy Garth Brooks "I've got friends in low places"... Stay safe!

  3. Does your husband really go round wearing that T shirt and listening to country music? On second thoughts I have seen worse T shirts.

  4. I'm completely with you on Country music and Tony loves it too. Some of it sounds like cats wailing I think ! Good old silence is sometimes good for the soul.

  5. I'm not a fan of country music either and thankfully nor was Mr JK. He was a fan of 70's music so I have rather a lot of LPs!