Saturday 25 April 2020

Something for the weekend, a laugh

I may have mentioned that Mr FF bought himself a pair of hair clippers, I told him I would not cut his hair which he keeps very short all over.  It started a while back with a summer cut in Italy, it suits him and he has maintained the style.  Of course it soon gets out of hand and with lock down he was having to plaster down his now too long hair with water.
So he got the clippers,  a nice set with different cutters, a comb, scissors, even a little plastic cape as you might expect in the hairdressers.  He cut his hair but he was rather timid and it wasn't a big improvement.  He watched a few online videos and decided to have another go.  This time the result was much better, to the untrained eye at least and he took quite a lot off.  He asked me to trim round the back with the special shaver attachment, he said he just needed the bits he couldn't see tidied up.  Actually it wasn't as difficult as I expected, although the shaver was a bit vicious and I had to keep straightening the edge when it took too much.  Then suddenly, and I have no idea why, the bloomin think took a great chunk out at the back of his head.  

Yes I did laugh, no there is no disguising it and it hasn't grown out a week later.  Just as well we are on lock down.
Because the gap is at the back and he cannot see it, Mr FF isn't that cross and has admitted that he did something similar himself but not quite so bad over one ear.

With that and my eyebrow tint faux pas I cannot see me opening a beauty saloon when these services return.  Speaking of which I see that in countries where lock down is lessening for such essentials as hairdressers and spas, even tattoo parlours are opening up again.  The latter would certainly be a dangerous thing to add to my not very capable repertoire.  


  1. Looks better than the haircut I gave the dog. With the dressmaking shears. I bought clippers but he didn't like the noise. Given my track record with all things electrical, it was probably for the best.

  2. My hair is getting long and as I only had a perm a week before lock down I just have not dared to wash it as I would be hopeless at blow drying. Every morning I give it a good brush and hope for the best. My son keeps offering to lend me his clippers but after seeing Mr FF's hair after your attempt I think I will pass on that too.

  3. Oops! I thought those things were foolproof?! I needed a haircut before lockdown began, so I dread to think what I'll look like when I am finally allowed out!