Monday, 20 April 2020

Never mind what it says on the tin

What a surprise.  Now we are being told that use by and best before dates on consumables are not strict, that most foods can be eaten well beyond the suggested expiry.  Some of us already knew that, I think I've said before that if I have something in the cupboard that goes beyond its shelf life, I simply scratch off that information so I don't have to worry.  I am currently enjoying on my morning toast peanut butter from a jar I found in the back of the cupboard, it should have been used 2 years ago.  I've been eating it for over a week, I am fine.  I actually prefer yoghurt when its beyond it's date and Mr FF is more than partial to cheese that could walk out of the fridge.
Here's another example of duff info.  I decided at the weekend to tint my eyebrows, I always do this in Italy as there is no other option and despite the instructions saying remove the dye after 10 minutes, I usually leave it on for 15.  Sometimes my brows have been a bit itchy for a while afterwards but its always given a better result.
Sunday morning before breakfast I had a steam and Mr FF decided to follow me in so I thought I had the required 15 minutes to tint my brows.  He only managed 10 minutes at 110 degrees, wimp, so we started breakfast.  Then we read the papers and chatted, I washed up and tidied the already very tidy penthouse.  It was only when I sat down in front of the dark reflective screen of the computer that I saw my brows.  This was 2 hours after I had applied the dye.  I rushed off to the bathroom and quickly wiped my brows, wondering if they might come off on the cloth.  The result is very dark but no worse than when I have them done at the saloon and nothing like the huge fake micro bladed brows that some people favour.     I slapped on some aloe vera just in case but there has been no problem at all, they aren't even itchy and I am extremely pleased with the result. 
Of course I'm not recommending you try this at home, or start eating out of date products but it just goes to show, they tell us anything.  


  1. Oh, come on, we need pictures! Of the eyebrows, that is, not the peanut butter.

  2. Yes I must admit to not always taking notice of what it says on the tin.

  3. Am I evil to have laughed at your tale? I was relieved though to learn your eyebrows remain intact and haven’t turned pink or purple. I have just cleaned and cleared out my elderly mother’s kitchen cupboards; she’s in her mid-eighties and thriving. If the contents were a reliable indicator, she’s been eating canned produce and store cupboard staples that are 10 years old! I’ve binned them and was definitely not tempted.

  4. Use by dates - what are they???
    As long as there's no 'bump in the lid' tins should be okay.
    I bet there are loads of pantry shelves being ransacked for things to eat while the grocery shop has empty shelves

    ps:- your comment came through the other day. Thanks - it was lovely to hear from you. Not sure what w/press is doing, I found some others in my spam folder!

  5. You made me laugh! Glad there were no lasting side effects!