Tuesday 14 April 2020

A different Easter

Right on time my second amaryllis opened for Easter,  it is so beautiful and full of blooms.
Another Easter treat arrived at the penthouse too
Mr FF found these two little characters, a yellow chick and a bunny with a white bobtail,  in our letter box.  Each contains a small chocolate egg which Mr FF was keen to eat until I explained they wouldn't work without them.  I know they are from Margaret who lives on the first floor, 84 years young and an avid charity knitter.  I sent her an Easter thank you card and was so touched by her kindness.
It hasn't been the Easter we wanted, no church services, no egg rolling, but its one we won't forget.  Keep on keeping safe.


  1. The white Amaryllis is exquisite and perfect for Easter. It's chilly in Yorkshire today isn't it.

  2. Your Amarillis is quite stunning. The pink edging certainly highlights the creamy white of the petals. As Pat said - Perfect for Easter!

  3. Have you let Mr FF eat the eggs yet? What a lovely gift.