Tuesday, 7 April 2020


Not another hat Mr FF was heard to cry when I finished the third one.  For some reason I can hardly settle into knitting and what I do is not so enjoyable.  I knitted this child's jumper in Rowan Denim a while back and I couldn't bring myself to stitch it together, I sat looking at it feeling guilty for days before it was finished.   There is really no pattern, I found a shape I liked on line and made it up as I went along.   
I've been rooting in the stash and using up all those bargain buys that I knew would be great for something or other and it transpires to be mostly hats, I've made another since I took the photo.  I think subconsciously I am keeping my sock yarn, and I have a decent amount, in case the lock down becomes really bad.   
Mr FF has selected the hat at the front for himself, it looks small but is very stretchy, the others can go into store because of course there is no where else for them to go.  There is no where for the books I have read to go, no where for any decluttering to go.  
At my weekly supermarket shop I noticed that people have obviously been tidying and taken an awful lot to the car park recycling bins for clothes shoes etc.  The bins must be full so rather than be taken home again bags were piled up beside the bins.  Do people expect their stuff to sit there for months or do they imagine someone will come along and sort their unwanted items.  A horrible case of not in my back yard and ignore the consequences,  this virus situation brings out the best in so many, sadly not everyone.  
We are doing fine, enjoying sitting out on the balcony, getting exercise most days and once a week combining that with a shop.  We ask no more.  


  1. We just have to sit it out - no choice.

  2. Despite being very used to spending time on my own, it's made much harder knowing that my freedom to go and see friends has been taken away from me for now. I've just written myself a lockdown list of all the crafty things I'd like to get done whilst I cannot leave the house. Flo thinks a blanket for her should be top of the list!! Stay safe and start a pair of socks. xxx