Monday, 4 May 2020

My favourite lockdown walk

A circular three miles of walking from the penthouse.  
Along the streets past beautiful houses and gardens, 
through the bluebell woods,  

over the river.  
Past the most beautiful house is in town, our grade one listed property designed by Edwin Lutyens for a wealthy Yorkshire wool merchant. Even on a power walk I have to stop to stare and admire, it is fabulous.  .
Speaking to a neighbour recently who only walks round our lake garden she told me how wonderful it was to have time get in touch with nature.  She is older than me, nature has always been here, its always been available and I am seeing the best of it.


  1. Beauty on the doorstep and sometimes we don’t see it for looking at it so often.

  2. That listed property is beautiful. I think I'd like to stand there and imagine that I was the lady of the house!

  3. That's a lovely route. Unlike mine which is just a circuit of the streets round here. In the dark. With a dog that keeps stopping at every lamppost.