Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Narcissus Jenny

I have no desire to have a plant named after me as happens every year at Chelsea, but I was delighted to discover that one that shares my name flowers at my favourite time of year. Narcissus Jenny is small and delicate with creamy petals and long lemon trumpets that fade to white. We have so much in common, the catalogues list our mutual features - a perfect miniature, one of the loveliest cyclamineus hybrids, exquisite with milk white petals, really charming with smooth relaxed perianth and a nicely waisted cup, elegant, good in grass - I could go on.
I've bought quite a lot of these bulbs over the years, I have them planted in my borders and in pots around the house. I've also given packs of them to friends so that they can admire them in their own gardens and be reminded of our (my) many attributes.
I'm going off air now for a while, we fly to Italy later this week and the forecast is for heat and rain so Tuscany will be flourishing and I'm hoping we can get to the botanic gardens in Lucca as well as the yarn shops. A presto, as we say.

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