Thursday, 10 April 2008

For my next trip

Hurray, now that my holiday deficit is just about cleared, Mr FF has booked flights from Edinburgh to Pisa on the new Ryanair service, so convenient, such good timings, splendid destination. We travel in 3 weeks time for a 7 day break and friends have kindly offered us the use of their house on the outskirts of a little town in Tuscany. I know the weather can be tricky there at any time of the year as the town nestles amongst the mountains but we shall be comfortable and well equipped. We once spent 14 days in Tuscany in July, it rained for the first 10 and I'd run out of books after about 7. I can remember driving down the motorway to Siena in the pouring rain, windscreen wipers thrashing away, the car all steamed up and the crazy Italian drivers either overtaking at 100 mph or sitting on our rear bumper flashing their lights for us to get a move on.
And amidst the excitement I have agreed to travel with hand luggage only, which means that the total I can take with me (apart from what I wear or cram into my pockets) is 10 kilos. Usually my toilet bag weighs about that, so I really am going to have to work on this. Coming back won't be a problem as I can leave things in the house for our friends but getting everything I need out there could be. Having said that I've already checked on the net where the nearest yarn shops are, Lucca and Pistoia both of which will merit a visit. Maybe just a few balls of interesting sock wool to bring back then.

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